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Cheat Lake trip

Well, what a fun week. I'm tan. Sunday we got there, just me, AJ, and her mom. We ate at Legends, sooo good. I really don't think we did anything but go in the indoor pool. The next day was her bro's b-day, so we went and ventured out to Morgantown to get supplies and such, and balloons. Then they went out on the boat while me n AJ went to the gym, got a pretty good workout. We went on the boat that night, I finally went tubing for the first time, sooooooo much fun. I got whipped around pretty bad but didn't fly off. Tues. we got a pontoon boat and AJ's other brother had his friends come up, so they rode the boat. As shown in the picture, me and AJ tubing. The thing only goes like 25 mph, so I stood up while tubing and rode standing up... pretty fun. We ventured out into the hotel and they had this awesome vending machine... it had everything from cell phones to digital cameras to M&M's to Snickers and condoms. It was nuts. We also found this room that had a Do Not Disturb sign on, and there were um, noises coming from the room. Wed. we were out tubing and the boat broke, so we hd to get off for the night, and went to Outback in Morgantown. Yay fun. Then me, AJ, n her mom went and saw Spiderman2, and the mo-town movie theatre sucks, but they make it fun with contests for CDs and Kennywood, Idlewild, and Sandcastle tickets for random things... like first person to go up with hand lotion, tattoo, toenails painted, (you can tell ur in WV wen they asked for this) a Kroger card, WVU logo, etc. We fixed the boat on Thursday and I wakeboarded and did awesome. AJ tried wakeboarding for the first time and got up after a few tries and rocked. Friday I actually got over the damn wake, AJ got a pedicure and we climbed up this shitty path and climbed down the waterfall where i fell on my ass on a rock. Then we came back and here I am. It was a pretty fun trip. Can't wait for Rays town. Family will be here soon for the Fourth of July party.


.:* Gina Marie *:.
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