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alright. well, here's what zach left in my Xanga:

don't feel like you arent doing enough, because you are doing more than i could ask for. you are the one who gives methe courage to open my eyes every morning and live another day. its you who has opened my heart and read everything inside of it like a book, jsut so i know that you are the real thing. its you gina. don't feel like you are falling short of what i need. if anybody should be sorry its me, im the one who is constantly crawling around complaining about how much i miss eileen. and i know this can't be good for you to listen to. im trying to let go and more time with you can only be better for me in this conflict im in. so i really hope to see you again soon, you are beautiful in every aspect that a person could be. until we are together again, goodbye.

i need you, Zach

Posted 7/10/2004 at 12:10 PM by KilltheEmotion

but idk... things are so damn confusing right now. after all that, i still know what it feels like to lose someone you truly love, and i'm scared to get into anything because i'll always know he'll always have that one thing for her.. .:sigh:. love bites...

i'm really tired. i had a long day of missionary work in Dunbar. apparently there's people in Fayette County in the projects who can't even speak English. they speak some old mountain talk bc they're so poor. i feel really bad, so we cleaned up this one house for them.
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