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Goodbye, Lay The Blame on Luck... [entries|friends|calendar]
gina marie

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(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

What a Weekend. [05 Jul 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Well yesterday Ed's dad had a mini-stroke during the Pirate game. Damn. So if you pray, keep him in your mind. It was just crazy. Fireworks weren't too bad. Though it's tough to be alone for something so gorgeous. Today I watched Edward Scissorhands. I've never seen it, and it was such a good movie. It's Monday. Lanes are $1 at NV Bowling. I don't think I could miss it.

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

Cheat Lake trip [04 Jul 2004|02:21pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well, what a fun week. I'm tan. Sunday we got there, just me, AJ, and her mom. We ate at Legends, sooo good. I really don't think we did anything but go in the indoor pool. The next day was her bro's b-day, so we went and ventured out to Morgantown to get supplies and such, and balloons. Then they went out on the boat while me n AJ went to the gym, got a pretty good workout. We went on the boat that night, I finally went tubing for the first time, sooooooo much fun. I got whipped around pretty bad but didn't fly off. Tues. we got a pontoon boat and AJ's other brother had his friends come up, so they rode the boat. As shown in the picture, me and AJ tubing. The thing only goes like 25 mph, so I stood up while tubing and rode standing up... pretty fun. We ventured out into the hotel and they had this awesome vending machine... it had everything from cell phones to digital cameras to M&M's to Snickers and condoms. It was nuts. We also found this room that had a Do Not Disturb sign on, and there were um, noises coming from the room. Wed. we were out tubing and the boat broke, so we hd to get off for the night, and went to Outback in Morgantown. Yay fun. Then me, AJ, n her mom went and saw Spiderman2, and the mo-town movie theatre sucks, but they make it fun with contests for CDs and Kennywood, Idlewild, and Sandcastle tickets for random things... like first person to go up with hand lotion, tattoo, toenails painted, (you can tell ur in WV wen they asked for this) a Kroger card, WVU logo, etc. We fixed the boat on Thursday and I wakeboarded and did awesome. AJ tried wakeboarding for the first time and got up after a few tries and rocked. Friday I actually got over the damn wake, AJ got a pedicure and we climbed up this shitty path and climbed down the waterfall where i fell on my ass on a rock. Then we came back and here I am. It was a pretty fun trip. Can't wait for Rays town. Family will be here soon for the Fourth of July party.


.:* Gina Marie *:.

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

Cheat Lake pics... story soon to follow [04 Jul 2004|02:15pm]
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(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

heh [02 Jul 2004|09:16pm]

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(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

w00t! [27 Jun 2004|03:09pm]
well the constant bickering between me and my mom comes to a halt this week. i also won't be home until next sunday. i'm going to Cheat Lake, WV with AJ. w00t! soooo freaking excited. well, i'll talk to you guys on sunday!! cya!!

(1 Dream Left Untold | As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

Let's See How much you kids Know: [26 Jun 2004|01:56pm]
My... copy, paste, and leave it as a comment.
Color of my Walls:
In my CD Player Now:
Fave Band:
Fave Song:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Stree Name:
Cat's Name:

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

looooong day. [26 Jun 2004|11:29am]
Well Thurs. I went to the Waterfront and got a hat and earrings. Amanda got this really cute shirt and a bunch of other clothes. Then I spent the night. I actually talked to Mike again. Well I went to bass at 12:30; went to Sheetz and had a big yummy cappucinno, then went to the orthodontist. I got rainbow again but most of them popped off already. Bastards. Then I got home, put on my uniform, and walked to Rescue 8. We had a transfer, then came back. We did a check for equip. on the truck, then we got a call for this one kid I knew. We took him to the hospital. We were just getting into North Huntingdon when we got an emergency transfer from Jeneatte to Monsour, then back to Jeneatte. We finally pulled in around 10. Such a loooong busy day. I learned how to take blood pressure. w00t. And I harrassed Justin because I have more cards then him. (you get a card every time you are certified for new things) And he's been there longer. So yay. Agenda for today?
Niki's Grad
Kira's Grad
Wait for Mark
Go to the Waterfront
Get an mp3 playa at Best Buy.

church in the am.
then maybe CHEAT LAKE?! If I do, I'll be home Monday night.

Cyas later.

:*: Gina Marie :*:

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

liz is right [24 Jun 2004|10:29am]

that does need credited for.

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

roar [23 Jun 2004|02:20pm]
Well I stayed up really late with my brother last night. He tried to kill me several times and tried to make a marshmellow come out my nose. Heh, that's what happens when you make me laugh while eating cereal. I choked a few times from laughter. It was a good time until my sister came out and freaked out on ME bc I was being too loud. Yeah, o.k.... there were two of us there, and him and I never even talk. Whatever. So I finally found a swimsuit online. It should be coming in next week. Tomorrow Amanda is supposed to come over at some point of time. w00t! haven't seen her since the last day of school. So it's been a while. I need to get Liz over next week or so when she gets home. I miss my girls. I've seen Joce and AJ since school's been out, and Puffy and Mikey Olasin and I think that's been it since the last day of school. Oh, and,
I SAW JON HART! I had not seen that kid since the Sadie Hawkins dance. wooh wooh! alright well I have yet another day at Rescue 8. I'll be home around 10 or so. I might update on r8 either today or tomorrow if anything interesting happens.

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

Busyyyy [22 Jun 2004|10:45pm]
Well yesterday I got re-certified for CPR. Like an hour later we got a call for this girl who got hit with a softball in the back. Every bump we hit on the way there she yelped in pain. Well I got back around 11 after that. Today I woke up, and FINISHED CLEANING MY FLOOR! w00t!!!!! Then around 3 Bushik came over, we watched Leprechauns, and then went down to Leamer's. We stopped at Rob Gray's for a while, then went for a walk, then came up to my house and watched True Romance. Such a good, good movie. Then we caught the end of Angus, then everyone left. And here I am. Tomorrow I have Rescue 8 from 3-10. Sooooooo. I'll update probably Thurs. I'm supposed to go to the movies with Amanda on Friday after I get my braces re-whatever they do.

:*: Gina Marie :*: <3

p.s.... Sept. is gonna BLOW. School, come home, do homework, then two nights a week I have EMT class at WCCC from 7-10. Yay fun. I had to drop field hockey.

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

Hrm... [21 Jun 2004|10:20am]

My japanese name is 井上 Inoue (upon a well) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).
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Ladies and Gents, Matt Smith from the Real World New Orleans! [19 Jun 2004|09:50pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

hiya [18 Jun 2004|03:39pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

bushik finally came over last night. i played some bass for him and we went down to leamers to go see collin. it was a good 'ole time. idk what i'm doing tonight. i have to take up my application for Rescue 8 in about a half an hour. yay fun. i went and got my shirt for it today. that lady that works there really pisses me off. she treated my mom like she was 10 and didn't know anything. she was crazy. i got two new shirts at hollister and a skirt and pants from hot topic. what a combination. still can't find a swim suit. oh well. show at angels on the 25th. sweet. well, i'll talk to you later, fellow peers. oh, for the record, Van Helsing sucked.

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

w00t [13 Jun 2004|10:04pm]
well, i came back from the banquet. SIX DAMN HOURS LONG. that's six hours more than i wanted it to be. i'm sooooo tired. puffy made Chief, that freaking rules. even though he's toooo cool for me. well i'm joining Young Marines this August. and Lorraine, my soon-to-be EMT teacher, sent me this lil marshmellow nurse on a piece of fake chocolate and fake graham cracker like a s'more. but it's a nurse-snowman looking thing. well i'm going up to rescue 8 prolly about tuesday or so. sooooo tired and bored, i really need to keep myself active. i also try to plan on swimming 50 laps a day on increase, reading My Antonia and The Crucible, ummm, The Inferno by Dante Alighieri, and my summer assignment from Alg. II. well i'm out.

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

hrm. [12 Jun 2004|09:32pm]
well, not that anyone is really reading this anymore, here it goes:
mikey finally broke up with his girlfriend memorial day. it was kind of funny, considering every day before that since wed. he had been over my house. he came over that monday before he went to work and had to do his deed. tues. morning he came and picked me up for kennywood, we went down, listened to the angus soundtrack. he didn't seem to like dance hall crashers. then we listened to some bad religion and we arrived and met up with christina balmert, casey radika, and amanda gallina. we rode all rollercoasters like ten times, and pretty much nothing else. i met up with hreha for an hour, then met back up with mike. went on a few more rides then came home. i didn't talk to him much except through text until saturday, and i went to his grad party. joce came with me. well he got back together with his girlfriend, and didn't even tell me. well, i left the next day for police academy, where sage and i started to date, that got muffed up, and two days later started going out with this girl Candi. idk. i came home yesterday, joce came over and slept over, we went to the waterfront today, i got a shirt from Abercrombie, and two shirts from PacSun, and my search for a bathing suit continues. we went to steak and shake and i got a delicious double steakburger. my fourth hamburger in my entire life, starting since jan. thanks to jon, haha. i made a power point presentation for samantha and ed of all the pics of them together from the past 7 years. yeahhhh. well i have police academy banquet tomorrow, then who knows. i have nothing to do this summer at all. not a thing. call my house if you wanna hang. 724-864-0218.
talk to you later,
~:*: mowens :*:~

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

me n michael [06 Jun 2004|11:45am]
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let's see if it works... thanks to brandon freakin' hreha. [27 May 2004|08:47pm]
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(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

Today = Boring. [19 May 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well today was boring. Trunzo came over, and we walked down to Keri's. Then we came back up, he left, and mom took me to AJ's. Her boyfriend and Ben was there, and we went to see Van Helsing. That movie sucked more ass than a dominican hooker. I mean there was barely any blood, it was so horrible, and the monsters had huge boobs but no tit. It was anotmically incorrect. Then I just came home and it's 10:00. I love AJ. As soon as I learn how to put pictures in my journal, I'll post 'em up from one tonight and a few other ones as well. I'll talk to ya'll later. Good night.


(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

meow! [19 May 2004|03:42pm]
So Trunzo came over the other day. That was fun. I hadn't seen him in a while. Then I went to see Hreha at work and I got a hug. I met this one kid from AFS I never really got to talk to, Mike. He's really cool but he has a girlfriend. I mean, this kid really rocks. He loves Family Guy, puns, sarcasm, and irony. What a guy. Yargh. I'm really tired now. Trunzo's coming over again in about a half hour and I need to shower. Then I'm going to AJ's and go see Van Helsing with her boyfriend. Fun fun.


gina marie.

(As I Sit In the Shadows Behind the Door)

more things [13 May 2004|03:08pm]
[ mood | devious ]

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